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welcome to C A L I G A T I O N

award-winning urban fantasy

Enter a city where spiralling gothic towers meet glass monoliths. Where the slums of the south are stalked by indescribable beasts. A city wreathed in fog and darkness.
A city from which there may be no escape.

Or take a transdimensional trip with Page McAlaster in: 
T H E  A R B I T E R


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Turning Pages

The Arbiter Book 1
Take a transdimensional trip of the weird variety.

The Books

The Author

Brhi has been writing ever since she could put pen to paper and daydreaming in every spare second. She adores fantasy of all kinds but has a special love for urban fantasy with a dark edge.


Her fascination with different places and cultures has seen her living overseas for several years, though she currently resides in Australia. This time abroad has strongly influenced her writing, much of which focuses on strange new places.


In her spare time, Brhi enjoys reading, video games, tabletop RPGs, going for long, solitary jogs and music. She can be contacted on Facebook or at brhistokesauthor@gmail.com.


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